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Monday, 27 August 2012

Ya Allah . its hurt -.- *omygosh

I still remember that day . A day that I will never forget . A day that changed my heart . At that time I feel liked my heart was stabbed by something . My tear dropped . I'm speechless . and I only can gave a fake smile . I blurred for awhile . I just feel liked I'm having an accident . That's feel that I can't describe with words . Its hurt me a lot ! very a lot ! dear bloggie, I know my place , my status . but, I also now that I can't accept it ! but, day by day , I will try to accept it . dear bloggie, want to know something ? after that incident , I can't look his photo even for a single second . It just will make me cried if I look . I'm also get annoyed . I'm not mad that he's doing that . but, how could, he fed up with his dream ?! and just accept that kind of things ?! that's make I mad . now, I know I must force myself to accept it . I must be mattured . as long as he happy, I will always smile although I'm sick here :(

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