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Friday, 1 February 2013


Ohhhh Myyyy Fishhh, can believe this ? I'm having a simple crush on someone . Ya,, crazy me :b Seriously, is this true ? But, I know, I'm having crush on *him* ... Yeahhh, I'm a normal girl after all, right? Ffafa in love . Kyyaaaaa, silly me ^.^ Let me tell something about *him* . 1) He's a good boy , 2) He can be naughty sometimes , 3) He's concern about me , 4) He's a fanboyyyyyy . Cukup la tu . xoxoxoxo , I can't believe I fall in love trap one again . Hmmmmm . Coward me . Kyaaa, just wanna share that . Bye - Bye . Bhaiiiii . Annyeong^^

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