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Friday, 11 October 2013

~♥~ Little Crush ~♥~

Assalamualaikum peeps :* Long time no see mehh :( Bogoshipda! Neomu bogoshipeo!
Bloggie-ah , i think i can't deny this kind of feeling anymore , hmm
Yess , i do admit that I have a thing on him *shhhhh* It's our gigantic secret .
I myself don't know how I can fall for him , i mean- It's kinda weird but yeahh-
He's personality is rare you know . He's so different from other guys that I know .
He's not the flirting type but he's a p-e-r-v-e-r-t *oopssss* hahahaha :D
I know him through Twitter last year in December or November , i don't remember .
At that time, I thought he's a girl you know , *facepalmed* but it turned out one day
when I accidently called him 'sister' , he just like "I'm . not . a . girl . I'm . a . boy"
and I'm just like , "what ? the ? actual ? fish?" *Maluuu siaaaa okay* .
idk , since then i feel comfortable with him . The way he treat me is different from other guys had .
I mean we acted like we'd know each others ages . He can be cheesy sometimes but not in a way
I felt annoying . Just nice :) I think . since then I fall for him .
How I want to be someone special in his heart . I know though he likes me , but Im just not sure-
Dear Hafiz Hakimi , I do love you babe <3