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Friday, 4 April 2014

a little Friend to be crazy with

Salam sejahtera pembuka bicara ((I'MTOONICETODAYOK)) . Yizzzzz, entry hari ni I wanna tell about this little girl yg dilahirkan pada 27 hari bulan Julai 1999. First of all, the name given is Syaini ((IT'SNOT SHINEEYOUGUYS)) . It had been 2 years we know each other and being crazy ((NORMALTYPEOFCRAZY)) . Well, after all she's an ELF, a siwonest to be exact. You know right, people started to drive apart from me and that leave me alone with no one to talk to. Thanks Syain cause you're the only one that is there whenever I wanna talk/spazz about SJ. Well, others just don't care nor give a fudge on what I'm talking about ;; I just want you to know that I am really grateful that I met you in my life. I hope you will stay with me to be crazy and silly together not like what others did. And let we stay together to protect those 15 orang tua you know whooo //winkwink//. And marilah sama-sama kita kahwin dgn siwon/hae . Haahahaa ((IAMNOTKIDDING))

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