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Friday, 11 October 2013

~♥~ Little Crush ~♥~

Assalamualaikum peeps :* Long time no see mehh :( Bogoshipda! Neomu bogoshipeo!
Bloggie-ah , i think i can't deny this kind of feeling anymore , hmm
Yess , i do admit that I have a thing on him *shhhhh* It's our gigantic secret .
I myself don't know how I can fall for him , i mean- It's kinda weird but yeahh-
He's personality is rare you know . He's so different from other guys that I know .
He's not the flirting type but he's a p-e-r-v-e-r-t *oopssss* hahahaha :D
I know him through Twitter last year in December or November , i don't remember .
At that time, I thought he's a girl you know , *facepalmed* but it turned out one day
when I accidently called him 'sister' , he just like "I'm . not . a . girl . I'm . a . boy"
and I'm just like , "what ? the ? actual ? fish?" *Maluuu siaaaa okay* .
idk , since then i feel comfortable with him . The way he treat me is different from other guys had .
I mean we acted like we'd know each others ages . He can be cheesy sometimes but not in a way
I felt annoying . Just nice :) I think . since then I fall for him .
How I want to be someone special in his heart . I know though he likes me , but Im just not sure-
Dear Hafiz Hakimi , I do love you babe <3

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Dikir Barat

ahaaaa, Hye bloggie long time no see . miss you /bug hug/ xD /abaikan/
anyway, bloggie tau tak fafa masuk dikir barat utk hari guru . Sebenarnya terpaksa je , cehhhhh x)
yela, sbb fafa nk jaga maruah budak berulang and x nak hampakan my friends T.T
fafa dah buat habis terbaik dah Fafa boleh buat . klau orang tu x nampak nak buat mcam mana , rightt? /sigh/
time dia mention yang roll Fafa main-main . i feel like wanna slap her so hard.
but, apa boleh buat, tadah telinga je la kan :/
apa pon, Fafa still akan try my best . well, not for her but for my lovely cikgu(s) xD
sampai sini jelah, dah ngantuk *yawn* JALJA <3 <3

Friday, 3 May 2013

Falling for Hae Hae

heyyyppp! Assalamualaikum :-)

ni nak tanya ni, pernah dengar lagu Jatuh tak? Adam AF2 nyanyi? x pernah? pi dengar, pi dengar x)
tbh, fafa suka gila dengan rangkap pertama lagu tu .
and rangkap ni lah, fafa dedicated dekat Si pengarang jantung hati Fafa, Donghaeeeee :-)

Dimanakah pemandangan terindah ,
Di dunia puas ku cari,
Setelah jauh melangkah,
Hingga takdir menyuluh ke arahmu,
Ku temu pemandangan itu terlakar di wajahmu

ahaahaaa, I'm so cheesy right? gahhhh, whtever :-)

stahp hereee . bye, til see you soon . Muahhhh :*

Monday, 29 April 2013

ANNOYING for a little while x)

Let me being annoying for a little while x) sorry, i just love to take my own selca aka self camera xD

PBS is slowly killing me -.-"

Assalamualaikum :-) Have a smile . LOL . nak cakap pasal PBS ni, kenal tak PBS tu ape bende? PBS tu sistem pembelajaran yang baru menggantikan PMR . haaaa, now, you know it xDD . tbvh, PBS is not fun and PBS make me freaking stress . yaaa, know -.-" hari ni , honestly saying, x blajar pun kat skolah sbb apa ? PBS bertuah tu la . Nazir nk datang, baru kalut2 nak kemas kini fail /big sigh/ . pastu sapa yang stress? PELAJAR! okayyy. stop there . klau semua bersatu-padu x apo . tapi, hmmm , al maklumlah ada sesetengah kelompok ni yg selfish -__-

Monday, 22 April 2013


Heyyyy, Long time no see :3 x) I'm so damn busy lately :'/ YEAHHHHHH x) Bloggie? Lately, I'm facing a lot of problems :'/ Hmmmm, I'm freaking want to tell someone about this, I want someone to comfort me, I want someone to give me strength, I want someone to say to me 'I'm here for you' . But, sadly . I don't have that 'someone' LOL, it's dramatic. Right? nevermind -.-" Bloggie-ahhh, you know what, my friends are slowly drifting apart from me :'( that thing is enough to shatter my heart into million pieces :'( Well, well, well . I know, they only need me when they're having problems or when they're bored . Yeahhh, they treat me totally like a rubbish . RUBBISH! I'm such a toy . Right? -.-" Can I have the old them? Can I ? Allah is testing me . I know, he loves me :') but, I ... I .. I , arghhhh >.< Bloggie-ahh, my happiness is gone . all these time, my smile(s) is F A K E -.- well, I am a good actress . Right? They should give me an award . LMAO :'( I'm good at hiding my problems . I don't cry . I just cry when I really can't handle my emotions . Well, you can say, I only cry about 2 or 3 times a year . It's true . People said, 'if you don't cry, you're weak' . I can accept this teory . I know I'm a weak girl who only acts strong /sigh/ . Bloggieeee :'( Eottohke? What Should I do? I share with them my happiness, I also ask them to share their sadness with me . But, they don't share with me their happiness . I felt so lonely . I know, I am not beautiful . But, is it the reason to be a friend? Not, right? Hmmmmm, I seriously don't know what to do . How I hope they realize my sadness . But, sadly , they DON'T ! Bloggieeeee-ah Luckily, I have Super Junior with me . well, you can say I'm crazy or what . But, Super Junior really gives me happiness . Maybe sometimes they make me tearing up, but, it's just for a moment . They make me smile . They make me laugh . They make me forget about all my problems . I am really thankful . Allah gives me Super Junior to create a smile at my smile . A REAL SMILE . Honestly saying, Should I give up? Should I be the emo Fafa, the cold Fafa, the rude Fafa ? should I stop being a cheerful Fafa, a lovable Fafa, a happy go lucky Fafa? They give me no choice . Hmmmm , How I hope I have someone to tell me what to do right now :'( -- WELL, IF THEY LOVE ME . THEY WILL REALIZE WHAT ARE THEY DOING . IF THEY DON'T , THEY WILL NOT . SO, DON'T MISS THE OLD ME, IF I TOTALLY CHANGE MYSELF . ASK YOURSELF -- Honestly, Ryu Eun Mi

Sunday, 24 February 2013

? what happens to u ?

such a long hiatus . HAHA . not funny . Hmm . today story ... Ahhh , I don't know why this happening to me . I do nothing . well, I never had an idea we will end like this . ya knoww . we used to be best buddies ya know . Hmmm . Ya Allah :/ Susah sangat ke dia nak mengaku ? Weihh, kau ingat kita orang ni bodoh ke buta hah sakai ?! Dah terang - terang . Okayy . pasal tu , it's okay , I don't care that much . but, whyy ? whyy? why perlu ber'secret' dengan aku ? I know, actualy, you hate me right ? HAHAHAHA . I know u hate me damn freaking much ! Can't u be honest ? I know , I'm such an ugly faggot! Pergi lah dekat kawan - kawan kau yang cantik - cantik , kaya - kaya , pandai - pandai nuhhh . u don't need me . I know that . U the one who started this and I just play along with u . I'm not doing the wrong things right ?! Ask yourself! Ahh , I HATE HER . JUST THAT . KBAII

Friday, 1 February 2013

Break Down

Kyaaa, koraqng dah dengar lagu tu? *lambat update* . I'm going crazy about that song . Seriouslyyyyyy . Tak dengar lagi? Pi dengar nuhhhh :b Serious lagu tu A W E S O M E :) Betul laaa :) Nahhhh, video dia


Ohhhh Myyyy Fishhh, can believe this ? I'm having a simple crush on someone . Ya,, crazy me :b Seriously, is this true ? But, I know, I'm having crush on *him* ... Yeahhh, I'm a normal girl after all, right? Ffafa in love . Kyyaaaaa, silly me ^.^ Let me tell something about *him* . 1) He's a good boy , 2) He can be naughty sometimes , 3) He's concern about me , 4) He's a fanboyyyyyy . Cukup la tu . xoxoxoxo , I can't believe I fall in love trap one again . Hmmmmm . Coward me . Kyaaa, just wanna share that . Bye - Bye . Bhaiiiii . Annyeong^^