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Sunday, 20 April 2014


hey.. Hmm, see I didn't even have spirit to write the opening, hmm sorry... I just, I don't know where else should I tell these cause I really can trust no one. Even I do believe in them but yea I know they will look at me in different perspective and for surely they will ignore me. I don't know, I'm just when will I have a nice friendship? When will I achieve happiness? When will I experience all of that? When? When? It happened since primary school, my friends will never place me in their special spot. I'm just no one and I bloody know that and that hurts so much. Well, I do know they make me happy and stuff but I- . They're just like using me you know. Aku lah hok last skali dapat tahu sesuatu crito tu pun keno tnyo. Mano ado nk oyak, tau lah kei, saing nga ore comey-comey doh keiy. Kito hok uduh ni mano nk tngk dh. Do you even know how I feel huh. Yes, it is true I smile all the time but do you evben know that majority of them are forced. I should get Oscar award for my acting skill. huhh. Kito kawe lamo doh, your inside and outside, semo aku tahu. I experienced all your childhood. But you just changed. in an isntant. tau dk sakit tk sakit hati bilo mu buat bodo jh denga aku, tapi buke main galok lagi denga saing2 baru mu tu. Aku saing dgn sek yo dulu pun tk dk la sapa lupokn mu. Mu tk nmpk ko, mu ore prtama hok aku oyak satu-satu bndo tapi mu- aku sero aku ore paling last dlm dunia ni hok tau crito mu. holah mugo, klau oyak kakku aku boleh wk gpo kei, denga jelah. lainlah sek yo doh mugo ado gewe sore-sore tau la nk oyak gpo kei, mu pun lebih dgr ckp sek yo. klau aku nasihat gpo2, mu ado nk dgr ko, Sorry la, klau aku saloh pehe tapi dh ni hok aku lah saing nga ore comey lagi drpd aku ni, tkpo aku tk maroh. crito lah ko sek2 yo semo kisoh hidupmu. you know like i feel like a dumb sometimes cause sometimes they're talking about you and I just know nothing despite the fact that aku kawe dgn mu jauh lebih lamo drpd sek yo. sakit hati tau dk, tapi dok... aku sipe semo tu. klau aku tunjuk pun, bukenyo ado ore nk caro pun. sek mu sedap la kei , boleh dok chat sokmo, aku ni meme la nk join kali, tapi gak kalu aku duk galit spo la hok nk jago adik2 aku, spo? klau ore tnyo, maroh oyk tk on whatsapp la gotu laa. sedangkn pehe dok masalah aku. and I am really sorry if sometimes ek mu ajok aku hangout , aku oyak tok leh, bena-bena nyo aku tau boleh tapi aku mikir ko ayh aku hk nk ngatar tu, tau dk ayah aku sakit? aku pun sedih kade2 klau tngok ayh aku, dio sakit sgt. aku nk sngt klau aku hk tanggung semo kesakitan hok parents aku raso. parents aku tu buke nyo sihat sngt. tu aku bersyukur sgt sek yo tabah nk jago kito ore 7 adik beradik. sek mu pehe ko semo tu? I know, I am not the saddest person in the world, bukn aku sore ado masalah sbb tu aku tk crito problems aku ko org lain sbb I know there're more people outside there yg mnderita jauh leboih teruk dprd aku. Aku just nk luahkan, that I am really hurt whenever you guys treat me like that. You know when I am useful? it is whether you guys macam bekok or tk dk ore nk kecek. time tu mari la baru nk kecek ngn aku. bukey gpo, aku mikir jgk, time sek mu happy, happy la samo2 sek mu. time sedih gk, aku la hk sekmu cari. aku ni gpo? mesin bercakap ko? gini lah hari2 aku sero.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Lee Hyukjae Old Day

Im dedicating this whole writing to my sunshine in the jungle Lee Hyukjae. I love you. Firstly, Happy Birthday baby bum <3 There's a lot of thing that I wanna write and talk about you. You are that one in a million kind of guy we will find. You're just so sickly special in your own way and that is your charm. Everyone keep saying that you are ugly and all but no dear, you are not. Just know that you're so handsome and cute and I can't stop myself from squealing over you. You have those doe eyes that can captured everyone's heart with one glance. You have that plump lips and it looks so kissable. Those monkey ears that make you look like a freaking albino monkey hahahaha and yet you are cute like that. And last but most important your very, very appealing jaw-line. did I ever have word in my dictionary to describe your jaw-line? no . cause it's just so perfectly shaped- uhmm uhmm hyuk why. But, deep inside the thing that make me fall for you in the first place is your silly behaviour. You're just you. One silly HYukjae. yeah, that would make a great story. I mean, You're so nice and kind yet you can be cruel with ELF sometimes. You're so pervert yet you can be so shy in a second. You're so talented that I really lost count on what you can do. You're so funny that I laugh even tho just by looking at your picture. You're such a casanova but I know you will make a good boyfriend and husband cause you're a loyal and possesive guy.

     I can make hundred of sentences that can show why I love you but above all I just want you to know that I love you because you are Lee Hyukjae , the brat spoiled Eunhyuk that we know as a stingy guy but yet you always treat ELF food. I just, I keep falling in love with you every single day <3

a little Friend to be crazy with

Salam sejahtera pembuka bicara ((I'MTOONICETODAYOK)) . Yizzzzz, entry hari ni I wanna tell about this little girl yg dilahirkan pada 27 hari bulan Julai 1999. First of all, the name given is Syaini ((IT'SNOT SHINEEYOUGUYS)) . It had been 2 years we know each other and being crazy ((NORMALTYPEOFCRAZY)) . Well, after all she's an ELF, a siwonest to be exact. You know right, people started to drive apart from me and that leave me alone with no one to talk to. Thanks Syain cause you're the only one that is there whenever I wanna talk/spazz about SJ. Well, others just don't care nor give a fudge on what I'm talking about ;; I just want you to know that I am really grateful that I met you in my life. I hope you will stay with me to be crazy and silly together not like what others did. And let we stay together to protect those 15 orang tua you know whooo //winkwink//. And marilah sama-sama kita kahwin dgn siwon/hae . Haahahaa ((IAMNOTKIDDING))