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Friday, 4 April 2014

Lee Hyukjae Old Day

Im dedicating this whole writing to my sunshine in the jungle Lee Hyukjae. I love you. Firstly, Happy Birthday baby bum <3 There's a lot of thing that I wanna write and talk about you. You are that one in a million kind of guy we will find. You're just so sickly special in your own way and that is your charm. Everyone keep saying that you are ugly and all but no dear, you are not. Just know that you're so handsome and cute and I can't stop myself from squealing over you. You have those doe eyes that can captured everyone's heart with one glance. You have that plump lips and it looks so kissable. Those monkey ears that make you look like a freaking albino monkey hahahaha and yet you are cute like that. And last but most important your very, very appealing jaw-line. did I ever have word in my dictionary to describe your jaw-line? no . cause it's just so perfectly shaped- uhmm uhmm hyuk why. But, deep inside the thing that make me fall for you in the first place is your silly behaviour. You're just you. One silly HYukjae. yeah, that would make a great story. I mean, You're so nice and kind yet you can be cruel with ELF sometimes. You're so pervert yet you can be so shy in a second. You're so talented that I really lost count on what you can do. You're so funny that I laugh even tho just by looking at your picture. You're such a casanova but I know you will make a good boyfriend and husband cause you're a loyal and possesive guy.

     I can make hundred of sentences that can show why I love you but above all I just want you to know that I love you because you are Lee Hyukjae , the brat spoiled Eunhyuk that we know as a stingy guy but yet you always treat ELF food. I just, I keep falling in love with you every single day <3

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