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Friday, 24 January 2014

Who are you, really?

Hye, annyeong . Bloggie, I am so curious right now . You know why, I just had my little journey stalking that crush of mine punya aff acc . I stalked his sent wall posts and I was taken aback for awhile cause heck there is this one sentence ''Yeahh, I pretend to be a boy'' . and I am just like? so, all this while you- you- 

I don't know really . but half of myself still-
Ya Rabb, help me please, I am dying of curiousity right now. 


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarakatuh,

Throwback yesterday small event. (was it even an event?) LOL, but really, it was awesome tiring . Hahaa, it was indeed nice to gather like that . Bajet nk hias kelas tk tersampai , ohh ohh . Time was our enemy that day cause yeah I do admit one freaking hour was not enough to do all those works , but yeah, we'd tried .
Here some eye candies <3

Acehhhh , jet2 sweet la dua orang ni , lol . Bieha feat Najwa .

no caption, kbhaiih . haha . Team cabut kertas dinding

Tirah feat Jaja feat Mimie , macam comel je <3 wakakaka

Yuyu, what were you doing there? and Mimi and her endless love for her new found bunny

Friday, 17 January 2014

2 Aimanians

It had been awhile . Dah nak habis bulan Januari 2014 dah . I feel like, it was just yesterday we're having so much fun in 2013 . Time fly so fast hehh? I will forever missing 2 Aimanians . You guys are rock to my rock . I love you guys endlessly, really . Asrama or Berulang sapa kisah kan? Seriously, you guys gave a lot of love and I pay them back with tough love or in another word prank . Opsss, Hahahaa, you know I love you <3 . 2013 was full with dramas, no kidding . But yeahh, that things that made 2013 so meaningful :')

Monday, 13 January 2014


Assalamualaikum , salam maulidur rasul sweethearts <3. 12 Ra'biulawwal bersamaan 20 April Tahun Gajah, lahirnya seorang insan yang mulia. Muhammad nama diberi, lahirnya membawa cahaya. Al-Amin gelaranya. Baginda merupakan seorang insan yang jujur, ikhlas lagi tulus. Kekasih Allah yang amat dirindui oleh umat-umatnya. Ya Rasulullah, I'm so glad and grateful that I am one of your follower <3

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Are you back?

Assalamualaikum and salam 10 Rabiulawal <3 Hehehh, baru je smalam duk merapu pasal Iz, tngok2 dia dh install balik LINE dia. Ya Allah, I miss him so much, really. But, is that Iz or Izra? ya gaissss? But I'm still happy though , xD . Dia ada laa post mcm benda pelik? Lol . Tk delah, just ayat2 dia tu macm.... you know, when someone is missing someone (acehhhhhh). Dengan naturalnya penyakit syok sendiri aku datang, Lol, bajet dia tuju dkt aku wahahaha, okay I know dia tuju kt org lain. Just you know... that kind of syok sendiri illness :x ..

Friday, 10 January 2014

Once upon a time, kbhai

LOL, boring sngt, baco lah post2 lamo. Mak aihh, jiwo karat laaa zaman2 dulu. *facepalm* . Seriously, I have changed, a lot to be exact. Dulu tk yoh oyak lahh, semo lagu jiwang2 (cewahhh) tahu. How can I-

Stay Strong Jungsoo ya

Leeteuk kematian ayah and grandparents dia. At first, we were informed it was a car aciident then the very next day, we were informed again that they found the corpses in their house. It's creepy right? so the conclusion is Leeteuk's father killed his parents than hung himself and he did leave a piece of note. I can't imagine betapa sedihnya Leeteuk about all of this but oppa, we all know you're such a strong guy, rite? and you have us as your back! I hope fandom sebelah tk kacau daun, kbhai . Leeteuk hyung, hwaiting! we love you, forever and always. Stay strong for your mum, inyoung unnie, sj members and us

Neo Jinjja Eodi?

Assalamualaikum peeps :* bloggie bloggie miss you , wehee. After such a long time, hye again. Hmm, currently finding someone. It had been (I think 1 year?) since our last conversation. I do miss him (a lot). Where are you Iz? Where did you go without leaving me a single note. I miss you, you little brat you know? Haishh, I'm so curious about him and Izra? He said that is his sister. Their age gap is just 3 minutes. I bet twins but, this is just... too complicated you know. Kay, I should stop merapu. On top of that, I really wondering where are you Iz? Twitter ko dh berhabuk and you uninstalled LINE kan? pstttt, I'm so hopeless right now.