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Friday, 24 January 2014

Who are you, really?

Hye, annyeong . Bloggie, I am so curious right now . You know why, I just had my little journey stalking that crush of mine punya aff acc . I stalked his sent wall posts and I was taken aback for awhile cause heck there is this one sentence ''Yeahh, I pretend to be a boy'' . and I am just like? so, all this while you- you- 

I don't know really . but half of myself still-
Ya Rabb, help me please, I am dying of curiousity right now. 


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarakatuh,

Throwback yesterday small event. (was it even an event?) LOL, but really, it was awesome tiring . Hahaa, it was indeed nice to gather like that . Bajet nk hias kelas tk tersampai , ohh ohh . Time was our enemy that day cause yeah I do admit one freaking hour was not enough to do all those works , but yeah, we'd tried .
Here some eye candies <3

Acehhhh , jet2 sweet la dua orang ni , lol . Bieha feat Najwa .

no caption, kbhaiih . haha . Team cabut kertas dinding

Tirah feat Jaja feat Mimie , macam comel je <3 wakakaka

Yuyu, what were you doing there? and Mimi and her endless love for her new found bunny

Friday, 17 January 2014

2 Aimanians

It had been awhile . Dah nak habis bulan Januari 2014 dah . I feel like, it was just yesterday we're having so much fun in 2013 . Time fly so fast hehh? I will forever missing 2 Aimanians . You guys are rock to my rock . I love you guys endlessly, really . Asrama or Berulang sapa kisah kan? Seriously, you guys gave a lot of love and I pay them back with tough love or in another word prank . Opsss, Hahahaa, you know I love you <3 . 2013 was full with dramas, no kidding . But yeahh, that things that made 2013 so meaningful :')

Monday, 13 January 2014


Assalamualaikum , salam maulidur rasul sweethearts <3. 12 Ra'biulawwal bersamaan 20 April Tahun Gajah, lahirnya seorang insan yang mulia. Muhammad nama diberi, lahirnya membawa cahaya. Al-Amin gelaranya. Baginda merupakan seorang insan yang jujur, ikhlas lagi tulus. Kekasih Allah yang amat dirindui oleh umat-umatnya. Ya Rasulullah, I'm so glad and grateful that I am one of your follower <3

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Are you back?

Assalamualaikum and salam 10 Rabiulawal <3 Hehehh, baru je smalam duk merapu pasal Iz, tngok2 dia dh install balik LINE dia. Ya Allah, I miss him so much, really. But, is that Iz or Izra? ya gaissss? But I'm still happy though , xD . Dia ada laa post mcm benda pelik? Lol . Tk delah, just ayat2 dia tu macm.... you know, when someone is missing someone (acehhhhhh). Dengan naturalnya penyakit syok sendiri aku datang, Lol, bajet dia tuju dkt aku wahahaha, okay I know dia tuju kt org lain. Just you know... that kind of syok sendiri illness :x ..